Errors dumb ideas, pt1

Would shaving cream work as stab lube?

no, it dries :frowning:


I meant like was it corrosive

I don’t think it’s corrosive per-se, but depending on the type you’re using it won’t hold its consistency which is pretty important for stab and switch lubricant. I believe most shaving creams are an oil-water emulsion; and that water might separate-out before evaporating, which can cause its own problems if it seeps-out onto the PCB.

If you’re really hard-up for stab lube and your only available source is the medicine cabinet, you might go for petroleum jelly (Vaseline) - but I still wouldn’t recommend it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some non-keeb products that do seem to work well in keeb-space are bike-chain oil and gun oil; and I bet bike wheel-hub grease would be alright for stabs. Ha…

Is that 205g0? - Naw, it’s Philwood, bro!


Did you get shaving cream on your stabs? Fess up.


Gotta give your stabs the same love as your hubs!

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