[EU-BE] [H] KB Paradise V60 MX Brown [W] PayPal

Hello, i’m selling my KBPV6000. It’s in perfect state, never use it because i don’t like 60% keyboards.
The keyboard is like new in box with spare caps and manual. It’s a MX Brown version with UK caps.

Sold it on Reddit.

Time stamp and gallery, https://imgur.com/a/Tpq970S

Link to the product, https://www.kbparadise.com/store/products/254599

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@MrGoshDarnit i know you were just looking for a pcb but at that price maybe you want to get the whole board. also belgium to denmark should be a reasonable shipping price.

maybe it works out for you both :slight_smile:

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Sorry but just sold it on Reddit :neutral_face:

well it was a great offer. but 1 day damn :smiley:

Yes, I do not think it takes so little time to sell it :blush: