[EU-DE] [H] 5 degree case, 60% brass plate, 60% stainless steel plate, KBDfans 661 plate [W] PayPal, Trades

Hello guys

I would like to sell these items (prices without shipping, shipping from Germany):


  • KBDfans 5 degree case (gray, blockers included): 70€

  • Universal 60% brass plate: 30€

  • Fixed layout standart 60% ISO plate (stepped caps lock, switch top removal, 1.5 mm brushed stainless steel): 25€

  • KBDfans 661 plate (Aluminum): 15€

In terms of trades, I am looking for Aliaz switches (~80, PCB mount) and milky Gateron Yellows (~80, PCB mount).

If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact me.