[EU-ES] LaserBoost. Perfect Metal keyboards layouts. Custom Metal Laser Cut Parts

LaserBoost here! Really impressed by mechanical keyboards and key designs you all show!We are so in love to be here :camera:

Who or what LaserBoost is?

We are a custom metal laser cut start-up located in Barcelona an we basically offers laser cut of metal parts & other metal works. We work with different alloys, thicknesses & metal finishes.

What can those guys do for me?

We have recently received lots of mechanical keyboards layouts for cutting and we are so happy to offer our parts to designers, makers and enthusiasts of this cool world (new for us). We have a lifetime experience in laser cutting & with our new automatic online quote system we have the opportunity to connect with many people around the world.

Ok…tell me a little more…

Ok, thanks! Service features:

Instant quotation tool – automatic DXF recognition – Iron, Galvanized, Stainless Steel & Aluminium (we also do cooper & brass works on demand, contact us) – Natural, Brushed & mirror finishes – Optional Engraving & SandBlasting – NO order minimums – Different shipment options – Your part from 7€ - Sample pack available – Parts wrapped with love. – That’s it.

Well…let’s take a look…

Yuup! Visit us!

Nice to meet You Keebtalk’ers! :slight_smile:


I have ordered from here and it was a pleasure! Great service and responses, waiting on the product to give final praise!

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Noted! It’s always a good thing to have alternatives. :slight_smile:

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Bookmarked for when I eventually need something from you guys :slight_smile:

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I know a fair few people that have ordered from you already and had good experiences! I don’t think it’ll be long until I follow, good to have you here.


Already made one order, about to do a second and may also use you if there is a Round three of Hyper7 as the last company I used meant a lot of re-work for me…

Can confirm! Laserboost did a great job for me and I would definitely order again!

These guys do good work.

Great communication, slick website, and easy ordering. A couple scratches on the plate, but nothing you would notice one switches are in.

Honestly, I’m not planning many builds for the future, but i think if I do I’ll be using a custom plate from them again (maybe not in brass though!)

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thanks so much for the pic! you just made me even more excited to get mine!

How do LaserBoost compare to the other well known online laser cutting company?

they offer a much nicer range of metals and thickness and it took me like 3 minutes to order with a dxf. all around a great experience on that front

Their main competitor just posted on r/mk and got a little bit of flak from the community for long delivery times, not as many features, and not as many materials as LaserBoost …

(two minor points in LaserBoost’s favor: they handle kerf so you can send them acual size file without adjusting beforehand, and if you upload a DXF then LaserBoost will auto fill width, height, and path length)


LaserBoost has a great gallery – but (especially for keyboard plates) I would like to see some sort of library of existing patterns. Customers could check a box opening up their pattern for general use – sizes, path lengths, material, pricing would already be taken into account. Instead of having to dig through Geekhack threads, could just order an official Hasu AEK Alps64 plate …


That would be excellent, could be as simple as when a user submits a design have a checkbox to say ‘make this design open source’, and from that point on anyone can access it through the library.

Prices will still vary due to postage/taxes. And http://builder.swillkb.com/ is so easy and has so many variables I don’t know that there is any point.

Looks great! What did you end up paying? Something in the $50-75 range?

Pretty much in the middle of that if my in-my-head dollar conversion is right. That includes everything too, shipping and tax. It was the cheapest I have seen.

This looks great! I might want to make a few cases for some things I have, so this might be a nice way to integrate the plate into the case.

Love the ingraving and stuff too. Would be cool to do laser engraved weights or accents also. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future plans.

A metal sandwich case would be very cool. Do you do brass/copper, or is that something that is not available? I ask as @Gouty’s picture lookslike brass, but I don’t see that on your materials page.

Looks like a yes on copper and brass, but it appears to be special order.
Copper sandwich case with brass top/bottom plates? Yes please.

I essentially sent an email to info@ and asked about brass, they told me the material to select to match the automated costing and to add a note in the note field to specify material used.