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Searching for Cooler Master STORM Novatouch TKL

The main reason – I need the sliders from inside, so it can be in working condition or broken. I can also pay for international shipping and offer new GMK Oblivion V2 Git Base Kit (new) as a “price reduction” element :wink:

I will be grateful for any other offers as well :slight_smile:

Stay safe!

What board do you need the sliders for ? If it’s anything besides HHKB, you can get the NIZ 2019 sliders&housings and replace both.

I have both Niz + niZ housing and Nova + topre housings and they are both very good with + and - :

  • niz 2019 slider&housing - smoother & quieter & taller (you can use thick cherry no problems) and much cheaper. Wobble is good and low. You need to ninja the mods (costar or kbdfans to mx 2u’s )

  • nova sliders, hard to find, expensive, wobble is very low, they are shorter and thick low profile keycaps hit the housings on some rows so you need extra ninja modding like very thin spacers, orings, or use bke domes which sit higher when pressed.

If I would redo a topre board now, I would go with Niz 2019 directly, except HHKB that has the topee housings moulded into the top plate, and Niz sliders + topre housings = wobble and some rotated stems.

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Hey Adrian, thanks for the shout out! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes (unfortunately), this would be for the HHKB … but I am also planning to try one of the R2’s TLK as part of my Topre transition process, so info regarding the Niz sliders is super exciting, I’m very grateful for this! :pray:

Looking at the pricing right now, it’s like $55 with shipping (financially much more attractive). I will probably start with that if I take anything else then the RGB option (which has the MX sliders already).

Thank you!

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You will find info for modding here, just plow the thread from top to bottom to become an expert :))



Hahaha :slight_smile: thank you again! Will do that …

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