[EU-NL] [H] Mekanisk Fjell Classic R4 kit Grey Case & Holy Pandas [W] Paypal


Selling my:

Mekanisk Fjell Classic R4 Kit (Round One) Gray with ISO Brass Plate & MK Ultra 4mm Foam & Drop + Invyr Holy Panda Switches

Prices do not include shipping. Worldwide shipping possible.

Fjell Classic - Round One Grey (screws & Bumpons included) - New & Sealed - SOLD

Brass Mounting Plate ISO - New & Sealed - SOLD

WT60-D PCB - New & Sealed - SOLD

MK Ultra Foam 4mm - New - SOLD

90 Drop + Invyr Holy Panda (Pre-lubed) switches - New - SOLD

Thanks for stopping by. =)

Fjell With Lubed Holy Pandas?


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