[EU-RO] [H] GMK 9009 R2 + PBT Spacebars kit, DSA Rainbow set, 100x desoldered Cherry Mx Black, DCS Watster [W] PayPal

Clearning out stuff, shipping included


Item Price incl PayPal tax
GMK 9009 R2 complete kit + PBT 9009 spacebars from KPRepublic very little use on the set, perfect condition, no shine. Spacebar set is sealed 195 Eur shipped tracked including tray to EU
DSA Rainbow keyset timestamp, Album has also ISO,1.75 shift, beautiful colors and lots of trades to do this, I can also add some 1.5 blanks, or blanks for split spacebars, or basically all you could need for compatibility 85 67 Eur Shipped untracked to EU
DCS Watster - 4 available 6 4 Eur each shipped untracked to EU
Cherry MX Black x 100 PCB mount desoldered switches - Regular not retooled, desoldered from a g80 board. Good condition 16 Eur shipped untracked to EU

EU shipping for keycaps in a flat bubbled envelope depending on weight starting at @ 2.5Eur untracked
and starting from 5.5 Eur Tracked.

EU shipping for keyboard & larger bundled stuff starting at @ 12Eur Tracked and increasing with weight and size.

For US, Asia, Australia, Canada, etc. shipping, just ask, I’m open to send anywhere :slight_smile: