[EU-RO] [H] Heavy-6 Royal Wrinkle [W] PayPal


Selling my Royal Wrinkle which served me well for the past year.

It comes with a complete package (Norbauer box and accessories), but no FC660c or keycaps :slight_smile:

It has a slight blemish on the front left bottom which is easy to conceal with a sharpie.


And some glamour shots

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

Want: 350 EUR + shipping, preferably in Europe.


not in the market for this but bumping this beautiful bastard

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man, it looks so great with GMK caps on it, too. I can’t bring myself to modding the FC660c. I already have the yellow version, and I just bought the polycarb version as well as TX660c case so I really can’t do another or I would :frowning:

That’s an impressive lineup :smiley:


Look at this man, trying to seduce us with these sexy photos. IT WON’T WORK! (must… not… buy…)

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