[EU-SE] [H] PayPal, Swish, SA Carbon R2 (multiple kits) [W] SA Carbon Exotic kit


I’m looking for a SA Carbon R2 Exotic kit or at least the two 3u space keys and the R4 ~`-key. Will pay (preferred) with PayPal (or Swish) or trade with either a DC (Dvorak/Colemak) kit or a Nordeuk (beige) kit both unused from the Massdrop SA Carbon R2 drop.

I can check my stuff tonight. I got a lot of Carbon caps from the previous grab bag from SP. If I have what you’re looking for you’re welcome to it.

I wouldn’t have the whole set, I don’t think, but I might have the spaces and the R4 I can’t remember what I have from that.

This is theset you’re looking for? https://massdrop-s3.imgix.net/product-images/carbon/16_exotic_kit_20170531010614.jpg?auto=format&fm=jpg&fit=crop&w=955&dpr=1

Yes that’s the set. And only the 3u space and the ~` keys are important, but can buy more if you want to sell a bigger lot. (And I can also buy only one or two keycaps if that is what you have).

Also I’m looking for a R1 1,5u Delete from the same kit for a friend.

Rickard von Essen

I’ll check what I have tonight. I know I have a lot from the last grab bag and some from an earlier one also. I’ll check for everything.

So, I don’t have the 3u spaces. :frowning:

What I have are an R2 1.5u Delete, R1 1.5u Backspace, and an R4 ~ v key (strange legends, but it might work for you.) Pic is below for color reference. caps on top are for size reference for caps


The ~ looks like a R2 key from the Nordeuk kit (which I already have). I’ll pass on that, but thanks for checking it up for me. I have sent your user name to my friend who is looking for the R1 delete. He might contact you on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/user/budde_)

That’s fine. I’m trying to organize my entire grab bag collection and trade for more complete sets or other things. Once I have it all set, I’ll post on mechmarket and on here. I’ll keep those caps separate though.

And him contacting me on Reddit is fine. I’m on it enough, lol.

Edit: he should contact me at /u/stevesie on reddit. That’s the one I’m on more. zoat_official is more for announcements related to me doing streams and projects/jobs.