[EU-SE] [H] Swish, PayPal [W] Gateron Ink Yellows, switch films, lube

I also have some other stuff like computer case, mices if u wanna trade.

Hey, would like to buy some switch films, about 80. Doesn’t matter what color. I’m from Sweden.

So do I. :wink: [H] have [W] want :wink:

Oh, I’m new this kind of thing. Well.

Wait… Haven’t been around much the past couple weeks, but are we seriously going to try to trade toilet paper on Keebtalk? Jesus.

It’s probably because of covid 19 (coronvirus) I suppose?

I know that. I just mean it’s annoying this type of behavior popped up here.

I’ve heard that toilet paper is the new golden standard for switch film

Well would you feel better if PayPal stood first?