[EU-UK][H] SALE! G80-0312, MY1800+3000, Model M, HHKB 60% Case, Linear Black Alps, MX Stabs [W] PayPal

Slapped some discounts on these items to help fund the Paradigm ASK55 project, amongst other things.

Latest timestamps (13/08/18): https://imgur.com/a/tVStqwh

More pictures and details at https://ppkr.co.uk/classifieds/

G80-0312 - £150 £125
West German heavy MX black switches. Everything’s original besides the - and M key. Keycaps are doubleshot. Slight chip in case where the cable hole is which can be seen below. Requires one more retr0briting session in order for the original caps to match the donor caps. Donor caps are from a G80-0528 and the rest of the set will be provided. Offers considered.


WKL G81-3000 - £45 £35
ISO, needs cleaning. Priced to sell. Great condition, just dusty.


WKL G81-1800 - £45 £40
ISO, needs cleaning. Priced to sell. Great condition, just dusty.


IBM Model M - £65 £50
1992 ISO Model M. Needs cleaning and some F-keys harvesting. Not bolt modded but doesn’t rattle. Great do-er up-er board.


Custom off-white TINA-C MX HHKB - £50
Was black. Lovely case all round minus the right side (some blemishes from powdercoating).



66 x Linearised Black Alps - £5 (or free with a paid purchase above)
Black Alps with the tactile leaf removed. Considerably OK switches.


Assorted Stabilisers - £5 (or free with a paid purchase above)
Non-authentic. Assortment of wires, at least, which may come in useful.


1800 sold, bump

Update bump


This thread still for sale?

Sorry, it’s somewhat sold. The latest post is actually here: https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/comments/at66vi/euuk_h_apple_aekii_jp_crocheted_60_sleeves_cherry/