Ever accidentally bought keycaps?

Was too lazy to copy and paste Euro price of Q:01 keycaps at Uniqey, so I just went through the checkout process to see what paypal would change it to in USD. Paypal never did that. I bought keycaps. Ooops.


I may have accidentally come across a vintage alps or two with white alps by mixing the “add to watch list” with the “add to cart” button and then eventually checking my cart out for something else entirely. :rofl:


That colorway is sharp. How much was the total cost with shipping, if you don’t mind me asking? Did you have to pay the “built in vat” or did they knock it off?

The total was $166 USD.

I hope they do more sets, some good compatibility, would like to see more colors.

It says “the first in a series” so they are planning more.

The set is over the ocean currently. I’ll get some photos when it shows up

I know it isn’t exactly the same thing but I’ve totally won artisan raffles after forgetting about them. Makes for a fun 5 minutes trying to remember what the invoice was for.


I accidentally bought 2 sets of SA Honeywell keycap sets instead of one :slight_smile:

Nice. At least it’s a classic colorway. Can’t have too much class



I can’t capture the purple bc my phone sucks, but it’s stock GMK purple. Very nice.

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Wow, that does look pretty good. I might have to grab this, or see if they have any other combos coming out soon.

That feeling when you only remember buying 1 set…


LOL! Are you serious? Did you actually think you only bought 1?

Totally serious. This is why I shouldn’t drink and shop mech stuff.


Oooph. Definitely have done that before.

So you’ve done this at least two times then - Honeywell and Calm Depths? Might be worth doing some inventory to see if more sets turn up :grin: