Everglide switches review



Thank you very much for the great review.

It looks like they are Cherry MX browns in term of tactility.
The undersized stem is a big problem, thanks for letting us know that very important fact!


Doing God’s own work here… taking the hit for the rest of us. Thanks!


holy crap, the undersized stems get my blood pressure up. I remember the first time I tried aristotle stems and my keycaps came off while typing. lol

I think you’re too kind in your review of these switches. They’re shit.


Oh god, I finally watched this video and hard same on the undersized stems


Watching you drag your hand across those caps and seeing them fly was just painful


Not already knowing them to be bad I had already decided to stay away from them… Thanks for confirming my suspicion!

Also really like that you do all your reviews on the same board.


The more you dig into these everglides the more I am believing you are right about them being made from the same moulds as T1s. The stem issues is kinda weird, I’m guessing they probably let them cool to fast after moulding. Anyways the verdict is clear for most, stay away from these switches LOL! Thanks for doing the leg work on these, we all appreciate it man! :+1:


Thanks for the great review, Walker. I considered picking some of these up when they ran on Drop, recently. In light of your findings, I’m sure glad I didn’t.


Hmm I have been having similar problem. Have you put your keysets on the 1st gen box switch before? I found that those switches enlarged the holes so that anything else feels undersized…


I haven’t used these keycaps with any box switches


I have the contact info of the factory which made T1 and it is not the Everglide. Honestly, most Chinese keeb hobbyists know that they are totally different bunch of ppl doing irrelevant works (including design, material and production) and Everglide is more of a niche player selling switches at 1/5 if not less of the price of T1 in China. You can order directly from the T1 factory, which is the same one that made stealios etc. But the moq is 10000.


Well I talked with some Chinese users and I think they have QC issues because some of the batches are oversized and some of them are undersized…


Any ideas why the housings look just like t1 housings?

Did they buy the same molds or something?


I don’t know that part but I think their housings and stems are different. Most importantly their QCs are on different levels.


The stems are different, the housings look the same