Ey yo its ya boi Snappo

Hey all,

I’m Snappo, 19 years old (soon to be 20 if that makes any difference).

I go by Snappo on everywhere but Reddit, where my user name is u/Forgotten_Eons because I was an edgy teen when I made it, sue me.

In short: 60% (mainly HHKB) and TKL are life, ALPS are a flawed masterpiece. Tactiles are the best. POM is underused, more POM things please. I am a GMK Fanboi. ISO makes life harder, so I adopted ANSI.

I found this hobby when a friend of mine pointed me to r/mk, to show me the rabbit hole that is this hobby.

I immediately began binge watching youtubers like Chryrosran and taekeyboards in a bid to understand what it was all about and how it worked.

I also found Mr Nathan Kim’s amazing typing ASMR.

I bought a Tada68 to try 65% (I didn’t think I could lose the arrows) and soldered it together as a test.

After that, I jumped into the hobby deep.

I went on to buy an obscene amount of alps, blues, oranges, you name it. I also ended up getting my first and favourite GMK set, GMK Oblivion.

I fell in love with the Pearl and ended up buying one. I love it. I also ended up buying a HHKB to try those sweet rubber domes out.

Waiting on the M60-A and the Noxary 280 currently to satisfy my 5mm memes.

I feel that I have consumed a vast amount of knowledge in such a short time, but I still feel there is so much to learn. I have strong opinions already, but I love to hear other perspectives and see if my opinion can change as I learn more. In short, I am on a quest for knowledge and want to try all the things.

Shout out all my UK peeps.

I hope this platform succeeds and becomes a place for discussion and knowledge gathering. See you all round.


good to see you here as well :slight_smile:

UK Peeps yo, glad to see you man


thanks :heart:

Heya snappo I can reply now! Yay!