F1 Discussion

Apologies if it’s not allowed, but I thought it’d be a cool topic for discussion.

Any other F1 fans here? If so, what are your thoughts on the season and the races in general?



After the awesome, but controversial 2021 season, this season has also been quite a treat. The opening race in Bahrain was great and it shows the new regulations working well. Plus, I think the British GP has been the best race this season so far.

Massively looking forward to the Belgium GP this weekend.

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I honestly know zip about the sport, but I’m addicted to doing laps in V10-era cars in sim games. :grin:

You may like “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” on Netflix (start with season 1). I knew basically nothing about F1 when I started watching, but it’s done in such a way that it was really interesting for both people familiar with the sport and complete novices.

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I’m just here to weave in a reference to IndyCar whenever I can get away with it.

This was a good movie documentary.


I’m a more recent but big fan of F1! Started with the Netflix show originally but only watched the first episode or two of the latest season.

Very excited to get back to racing this weekend, hoping that Ferrari can get it together for the second half of the season. Also hoping that Daniel Ricciardo finds a seat for next year, he has been pretty awful at McLaren but he seems like a nice guy and I have one of his shirts lol


I thought you were talking about the geon f1-8x before I opened this thread :joy:

Ohh yes, especially the F2004. Masterpiece on wheels.

I miss that Ferrari. Back when their strategies were good…

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Welp, Audi to F1 in 2026.

Not that thats something new ^^ I hope that brings more competition to the top teams.

Well, Ferrari are clowns.