F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards

Feel free to discuss the project here and post any questions or comments!

Orders are now being accepted at ModelFKeyboards dot com

Feel free to look through the Deskthority and Geekhack project threads (and the project updates blog on the above web site) for the long history of the project, including the long factory production delays that have since all been resolved. We are now in the assembly phase with shipping expected to start around mid-year.

Unprinted key sets from the brand new one-piece molds began shipping out this month. Last year the inner foam began shipping out (inner foam is available for all the original Model F Keyboards as well, except the XT style ones).

You can stock up on repair parts for your original IBM / Unicomp keyboards too: Key sets, barrels, precision cut inner foam, flippers/springs are all compatible with the original IBM Model F keyboards and the key sets are also compatible with the IBM Model M keyboards in addition to IBM Model F Keyboards.

The project’s goal is to reproduce the extremely hard to find 60% and 75% style Model F keyboards. All of the keys of the large Model F keyboards are available through function layers that are fully customizable with the open source GUI software. It took me a little time to get used to the more efficient layout but being able to own a Brand New Model F keyboard makes it well worth the effort!

I have gotten a few requests for making molds for larger keyboards but adding extra keys would make the keyboard similar to the Model M’s on eBay that sell for well below what new production keyboards can possibly sell for.

The brand new Model F keyboards are native USB with NKRO and are fully customizable with function layers, macros, and the option to customize each key and layout.

I do hope everyone considers ordering a Brand New Model F Keyboard before the limited production run ends!


  • Basic keyboard models: F62, F77, Ultra Compact F62, Ultra Compact F77
  • One-piece XT-style keycaps made from new molds, including Industrial SSK style blue keys - extra sets are also available separately
  • Extra parts also available separately including Model F (AT) compatible barrels, flippers, cases, PCBs, inner foam, and inner assemblies
  • Available layouts: ANSI: US and HHKB style with split backspace and regular non-split backspace. ISO: Vertical enter with a variety of international layout variants: Spanish, German, Nordic, French, UK, etc.
  • More specifics at ModelFKeyboards dot com

Why not give an actual link to the site?

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Looks like it was crossposted from a site/forum that doesn’t allow urls

@Ellipse- how do the buckling springs compare to those in the Unicomp? That’s the only real experience I have with that switch type, so I’m curious to know how they compare before dropping a few hundred bucks.

Thanks in advance!

a_little_shy, the Model F keyboard is a big step up from the Model M keyboard. The Model F originally cost more than $600 in inflation-adjusted dollars, while the Model M was a mid- to late-1980s effort to remove more than two-thirds of the cost by moving to cheaper materials (more plastic and less metal); the Model M now sells for about $100. The Model F 4704 style keyboards have a heavy metal case and two steel plates on the inside, along with individual barrels and large flippers that produced a sharper click upon actuation.

Chyrosran22 has an excellent Model F overview - feel free to go on YouTube to his video: “The Ultimate IBM Model F review (XT, AT, F104, F122, 5291, 4704 etc.) (capacitive buckling springs)”

Those who have tried out the keyboards in person have said they are as good as, or even better than the original Model F Keyboards.


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Holy zombie thread, I know, but KTers might be interested to know that the window for new orders is not yet closed (it’s slated for the end of this month, I believe). I thought I’d missed it, so I’m psyched to get in on the modern model F action.

For anyone out of the loop, as I was until now: Some early orders have been shipped already and apparently folks are posting reviews. QMK compatibility has been announced… exciting things are happening! I’m HYPEd

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Yes, shipping started and 360 keyboards have shipped so far. I individually test and ship out each one myself.
Not sure if everyone’s aware but please let me know if you wanted your keyboard to ship early without the printed keys (if you had other Model M or Model F keys or Unicomp keys that you wanted to borrow). As per my recent blog update, I’ve been mailing out lots of orders early while the factory takes care of the key sublimation to help reduce the number of keyboards that have to be mailed out later on while I have some down time now. However not all keyboards are eligible as many keyboards (including most of the compact case keyboards) are in the second container shipment of the early bird round, delayed this year but shipping in about a month or so from China (more details on the project web site blog).


Thank god I saw this post and reminded me to slip into this GB. Super excited to add to my collection… eventually lol

Topre v MX v Buckling Spring who will win as my daily driver I wonder.

Let’s revive this thread a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I was aware of this crazy project a long time ago on GH, but recently saw very positive reviews on these keaboards.
As I was a model M user a long time ago and having heard that the model F variants were even better, I took the plunge and ordered a F77 in industrial gray :smiley:

Thank you so much @Ellipse!

Anyone in this forum recieved it’s board ?

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Yes, as an update more than 600 Brand New Model F Keyboards have shipped so far (more updates available to view on the project web site - updates page www.ModelFKeyboards.com ).

Over the past year, dozens of Brand New Model F Keyboard reviews, photos, and videos have been posted by both professional reviewers and many other Model F fans across YouTube, Deskthority, geekhack, reddit, and on various blogs. I have attempted to gather links to all these reviews into one place and to continually update the list as I discover them. They are all linked to in the May 2020 update post here: Brand New Model F Keyboards May Update (including roundup of all reviews)! – Brand New Model F Keyboards


Thank you for the links!

I can’t wait to receive mine (but I guess I’ll have to wait anyway :D).

Oh man I wasn’t aware these are shipping now. This is awesome!

I am quite happily waiting on @Ellipse for mine (a late order, with caps, so it’ll go out toward the end of the second container lot). I also ordered an industrial grey F77. You better believe I’ll be posting it here when I receive it!

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And here’s a small part of the latest update, for those who have not checked out the project web site updates page lately:

For those not aware – the “separate shipping” option is still available for you to request – more details in point 3 of the June update below. I continue to mail out keyboards, First Aid Kits, and anything else in stock to those who request it, with printed keys to ship later. Most classic case keyboards can ship in the next month or so upon request, except some black and True Red cases. Many keyboards are arriving in the second of two container shipments for the early bird round (details below). Black, Industrial SSK Blue, and Dark Gray unprinted key sets will arrive later this year as well. Pearl/pebble unprinted key sets are in stock and can ship with your keyboard if you have ordered it (you can still place a new order for one of these key sets as well, so you have keys to use now as well as having printed keys that will arrive later).

Outside of certain keyboards and keyboard cases, key sets besides pearl/pebble unprinted, beam spring controllers, and the solenoids themselves, most accessories have also been shipping out like the First Aid Kits (over 950 have been ordered so far), as well as extra barrels/flippers/metal tabs/custom made USB cables.

The only keyboards that are not going out are those who prefer delivery all at once (e.g. if they do not have extra Model M / Model F / Unicomp keyboards to borrow keys from) and those whose keyboards are in the second of two container shipments of the early bird round (mostly the remaining keyboards with installed, unprinted keys as well as the compact case keyboards). If you preferred to wait before and recently changed your mind, it is OK to email me with your separate shipping request!

This may change in the future but all classic case keyboards, except True Red (F62/77), Silver Gray (F62), and Black (F62), are in stock and can ship whether you have already ordered or you are planning on ordering soon. Same for black case ultra compact F77, ANSI layout only, and regular gray case ultra compact F62, ANSI enter. Unprinted pearl/pebble keys are also in stock, though all other unprinted keys and printed keys will be shipping separately, expected early next year.

For all other options, the second container shipment is expected to arrive in late February.

The last step is the dye sublimation which they are working on setting up and still needs more time to complete (more details on the blog).


As an update the latest email newsletter update is going out this afternoon. Here’s a link to see it right away, or if you are not subscribed (to subscribe feel free to head over to the project web site and click the box on the right hand side of the window):


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