Farmer Turned NovelKeys CEO - Mike Sickler Interview


I miss the OG NK site :cry: Awsesome content as always @TaehaTypes !


What a good interview! Never knew a lot of this. Really cool to hear the story, Mike’s perspective, and generally to put a face and a personality to the name.

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I love this type of content! Always a fan of educating myself and learning about the journeys and hard work this community is supported by. I hope you’ll continue to produce this kind of long-form stuff.

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What a good lad.

One of my absolute favorite keyboard people: always earnest, eager to help out other people in the business (without the slightest self-interested thought about competition), and someone who has done more than probably anybody else in the trade for making fancy keyboards accessible to a wider audience than I ever would have thought possible only just a few years ago.

The parts about stress, Discord, and toxicity really resonated—for better or worse. (Never searching one’s own name on Discord is wise.) Keep up the amazing work, Mike.