Favorite exotic PCB designs?

I needed a project yesterday, so I compiled a spreadsheet of all my mech boards (and pending group buys). Aside from being sobering to the point of making me want to hide all my credit cards from myself, I noticed that I have pretty good coverage of the various kinds of switches and layouts (40%, 60%, TKL, full-size, Kinesis, Ergodox). I’m starting to dip my toes into the world of building kits, and am curious as to what people’s favorite “weird” layouts are. I’m particularly interested in layouts that really push the envelope in terms of having the fewest number of switches possible (including things like BAT chording keyboards) and stuff that really takes advantage / requires the advanced features of flexible firmwares like QMK.

So – what are your favorite split designs, or one-handed keyboards, or ergo designs? Especially, which of those designs are available as kits for enterprising makers?

For “normal” splits I love my Iris keyboard. It is currently my daily driver for all development tasks.
If you want something that really requires heavy use of layers, then the foobar split (30keys total) is pretty fun. It can be found at 40percent.club.

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Hmm, in terms of what you’re looking for, maybe something like the Helix would be a good fit for something unique.

Info: https://dogbone.design/helix/

More Info: Helix Keyboard

Split ortho board that supports normal mx style switches and kailh lo profile switches. Supports having 2 little screens on each side (or one one side and having switches on the other). Option for either under glow, or in-switch SMD LED.

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I’m currently designing a custom Atreus that takes normal 60% caps and uses Kailh hotswap sockets. It looks ugly as hell, but I like the practice with KiCad.