Favorite uses for macropads?

What are your favorite macros/functions to map to macropads?

Trying to gain some inspiration on what to do with my M6-C beyond volume and media controls.


At work:

  • Shift+F5 - shortcut for Fill command in Photoshop, the content-aware version of which I use all the time to help with the process of adding bleed in cases where it’s absent

  • Opt+Shift+Cmd+V - shortcut for paste-in-place in InDesign, which I use all the time in all kinds of situations, like when something needs to be in the same place on multiple pages (but not enough of them to warrant a master)

At home:

  • Alt+F4 - mapped to one of two giant-sized keys on my silly pad with big buttons, because it’s fun to close a program with a giant, red physical “X” button

  • Ctrl+Alt+Del - mapped to the other one; partially because my Del key is on a layer and I’m lazy, partially because calling up the Task Manager with a big red button is also fun

  • Alt+F2 - shortcut to activate Nvida Ansel in games that support it, because everyone knows games are for screenshots and nobody has time to activate a function layer when trying to time the perfect Witcher selfie


I use one button for Ctrl+Home and one for Ctrl+End just to make it quick to jump to the start or end of a document. It’s easier than trying to remember where Home/End are layered on various smaller boards.

That’s a great idea; I continually forget the paste-in-place shortcut.


I’m pretty vanilla in that media controls are probably my number one use for the macropads.

However, I do have one little 5 button + encoder pad that I use exclusively to control Microsoft Teams and I like that a lot. Although I’ve accidentally exited meetings because sometimes you just wanna push a button.


Oooh a macro pad for Teams is a great idea! Definitely on my list of wants now. Maybe even a work expense :eyes:

Definitely, can really recommend that. If you dont want to spend that much, think of a dumbpad for example. V3 even comes with Hotswap and RGB.

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