Favourite plate material?


Trying to decide on what material I should get my plate in for my next build and thought I’d ask you guys what you like. I’m currently having mixed thoughts between copper and brass but I’m unsure if brass has some sort of advantage with how many brass plates I see compared to copper plates. I wonder if a tungsten plate would be feasible?


Why a tungsten plate though? Due to it’s density?


Pretty much, would be interesting to see how it sounds.


Carbon fiber is really nice


From videos I’ve heard with them I’d agree, haven’t personally tried one though.


Haven’t tried copper but I tried aluminum, brass, carbon fiber, FR4, polycarb, and steel plates.

My favorite is brass because it sounds the best. Aluminum plates are dependable but, compared to brass plates, it sounds and feels like punching a bag of wet sand. Steel doesn’t sound bad but it’s loud and bottom out is harsh.


tungsten would be interesting but many manu won’t work with it as it’s v v brittle.

Currently liking poly and waiting to test pom plate.


Brass is my favorite.


Brass is my favourite on the basis of its sound profile. Can’t be beat.