FC660C case texture

I recently got a Leopold FC660C. I really do like the typing experience, however I noticed that the texture of the plastic case appears to be rougher on the back, the side with the USB port, than it is on the front or on the sides. The texture also isn’t extremely even, it seems to be rougher in some areas than in others. Has anyone else noticed this? I tried looking at the plastic under a light, but didn’t really see anything that looked abnormal. The variation in texture isn’t too extreme, but if I run my hand across the back of the case, I can feel it.

Hmm. I had not noticed but I just checked and yes, mine is rougher on the back as well. Almost feels like there is dirt on it. Strange.

Hmm, what color cases do you guys have & when did you buy your 660Cs? I got a white 660C made before the factory change over & it has a even texture all around the case. I had to check when I seen this post, LOL!

Might be luck of the draw. I have 2 newer black cases both made in Japan. One has the inconsistent marks, and one is smooth. The other one that is rough is a bit older and made in China.

I’m not too worried about it since the 2 Japanese made boards are currently housed in Norbauer Heavy 6 cases and the older one is awaiting the TX660c case.

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The inconsistent marks bother me somewhat, but I guess it isn’t that big of a deal. It seems like there are less marks in the center of the back side than there are near the edges.

Anecdotally, I have an OG Chinese white case, and the texture is consistent and smooth.

Mine is Japanese.