Feker Emerald Cabbage Switch Review

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Not every single full length review gets to be dedicated to the latest and greatest of the modern switch scene and that’s certainly not a bad thing. This week I take a look at Feker Emerald Cabbages, one of the latest releases from a budget-friendly brand growing slowly under most of the community’s radar.

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As always, thank you for the continual readership week in and out. This review was a particularly fun one to write and knowing that you all will support me even when I choose switches which are a touch unorthodox to review makes that enjoyment all the better.



What’s this? Goat out with a full review of a switch I’ve never even heard of? Fun. :smiley:


I once bought 90 or so feker pandas. I received two different switches in the batch. Feker, no thanks.

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I have no opinon on Feker, other than they seem to make cheap items which would lead me to discount them. However, to be fair, we would need to know if you bought them directly from Feker or not. Otherwise, this could honestly be a vendor issue.

Fair enough. I bought them on Amazon from HELOIA-US (now called HOBANG-US) I take your point. I’m learning that it’s worth paying more from reliable suppliers. Regarding less expensive items though, I really like my Akko cream blue switches.

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Feker has come quite a long way, and also jumped from manu to manu. I was watching him/them quite closeles when i was diving down that rabbithole.
From cloned/stolen/actual (BSUN/tecsee) invyr panda molds (their first pink/black jade even had invyr nameplates, even on all listing photos) to TTC (bluish white) to huano (emerald, smokey) to aflion/meirun (matcha, matcha pro) to haimu (corgi) and back to huano (white marble v1 and v2, matcha v2, newest feker pandas since they silently updated them, emerald gold, silent rose, aphonia, mint) and now back to BSUN again [from what i can tell] (magnolia, lime). Oh yeah, and a Kailh switch too, but no feker nameplate on those, so i’m not sure if it’s a custom feker or just them reselling them.
They even seem to have started to design/brand keyboards and keycaps now. So they must be expanding. I would still love to find out who exactly the OG feker is. maybe someone who was once part of BSUN/tecsee before the split, hence taking some molds/machinery with him?