FICIHP Multifunctional Keyboard with 12.6 inches Touchscreen

How about a keyboard with a built-in touchscreen? They’ve got both membrane and mechanical keyboard versions for this. I could see a use case for such a keyboard, and it’s rather reminiscent of the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo

It’s available on kickstarter:


That’s a great idea for some use-cases, like chat during a twitch stream. I would love one but I have a lot of questions about their fulfillment timeline of next month when the Kickstarter ends at the end of July and KS won’t give them the money the day the KS ends, plus shipping and everything is incredibly screwed up right now.

Also I didn’t see them talking about making or shipping any other products, and there are no names for anyone involved.

these images from the video are also interesting:


Good evening,

I’ve seen this post here and found the MK2 Version interesting, and joined.
Looking at this render/picture from their homepage.

My math had been, the spacebar has to be 6.25u. Copied from Kickstarter:

“Looking at the bottom row, you can see three times 1u, six times 1.25u.
This is 10.5u, overall width is 17u, rest 6.5u. The bezel in between right Ctrl and left arrow is 0.25u, Spacebar is 6.25u.”

The maker just told me again, the spacebar is 6.5u.
Am I going nuts, having a bad day, what do I overlook?

Thank you.

That’s rather unfortunate if true.

the render looks to be 6.25

So true, that would basically kill all interest I have in this KB if so.

Ty for your answers,

if the spacebar would be in line, flush with the above ,< to the x key, it would be 6.5u, but the ALT on the right side does overlap with ,< for 0.25u. If the render is correct, it has to be 6.25u.

Really on the fence to leave that campaign, something is wrong, odd.

Kickstarter has been a breeding ground for disasters since pretty when it started and the trend in recent years has been companies selling junk from alibaba that they are “developing” and need the funds to “bring to market”, the poor English and pictures of the factory in China are both big time red flags to me. Also like no desktops have full on USB-C yet and having to run an hdmi cable to the computer sounds pretty rough to me

The best way I can describe this is my thought process upon seeing it

Oh this is nifty…

Oh this looks awkward…

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I like this in concept, but I just think of the crick in my neck after using it for a while. :face_with_head_bandage: