Finally, you can own a poster featuring Ryan Norbauer hand polishing his keyboard case

I mean, that has to be what’s going on, right?

also love the little touches in this piece like the QMK logo grafitied down below him

Sad that @Manofinterests isn’t in here somewhere. We need an edit.


Didn’t see the keeb at first and was like man this is nsfw.

HA! The creepy ISO dude in the bushes:

I’m going to have to get this one. Too many good references in here. Every nook has a surprise :slight_smile:


Nah, it’s a good poster for modern influencers and a decent representation of the modern community. I’m not in those circles of influence.


:crown: I think you dropped this. You are an influencer to me.

I do love that a reference to the “cars and keebs” phenomena that took hold of reddit for a bit made it on here.




Although I was thinking, I need some more sweet guitar serenading, @Manofinterests

I still remember all those years ago. That was the first thing I ever watched of yours. I was like, who is this dude singing goofy songs? Been watching since.


The title of this thread alone is killing my diaphragm


I get what you’re saying bud, but your years of experience make me listen to what you say over almost anybody featured on this poster.


Cool for the people that like it, but stuff like this turns me off. Interesting that a vendor is selling a poster that just immortalizes other vendors. Lot circle jerking up in here!


I get the sentiment. But then again, we wouldn’t have a lot of things in this hobby if it wasn’t for the vendors :slight_smile: I like spotting the little references to the hobby here and there. That’s my favorite part. I’m not that big on following the streamers.


Great point on the vendors! I just dislike how some in the hobby treat individuals like the second coming of Christ just because they enjoy getting in front of the camera. I don’t really think stuff like this really adds anything. If anything it is very restrictive for new comers.


I feel ancient in this hobby sometimes. I don’t watch build streams, use YouTube regularly, or have a twitch login. Instagram ads? I can’t login to see them. I don’t listen to ASMR sound tests. I don’t know most of the personalities depicted here.

All I really know is which designers have shown to be reliable and produce stuff I like. This poster is clearly not marketed to me. And yet, I do enjoy the “where’s waldo” aspect of it.

However, if you had a neural network consume mech media, I halfway expect the output might capture many of the same key points as this picture. High profile online presence.

Love it or hate it, I think it’s a fairly accurate snapshot of the “2021 top 40 playlist” of mechs, as it were.

(I absolutely agree that I dislike the elevated status the meme-mind grants to certain designers and personalities. I also, happily, have zero control over it.)


I admire the modesty - and also I happen to think you deserve a spot on such a poster. Maybe glancing down from a second-story window, watching your many keeb-seeds growing into a garden.

I think some of the first videos I ever watched about switches were yours - I honestly can’t imagine a version of this community that doesn’t owe some amount of its foundation to you, Huey.

I’m not sure if you’d consider it a feather in your cap or a thorn in your backside, but you did give us the name for the most talked-about frankenswitch of them all (which itself does have a nod on the poster). Even when it went “legit” it kept the name you gave it - and I happen to think that simultaneously mysterious and yet completely descriptive name is what drew more than a few people into the hobby.

It may not be what keeps you busy more often than not these days, but your influence remains in the space, and colors the experience of it for the better for newbies and vets alike. Even if a given video, vod, or article is dated in-context; chances are that it influenced or inspired any number of the most active content creators and influencers in the space today.


Oh hey, @ThereminGoat made it in!

And as much as I’d never personally buy this, I do kind of get the appeal. Some people are really just more plugged in to the social media side of this hobby. I’m sure whoever at mykeyboard thought of this just wanted to commission something fun and I think it turned out great.


The key to lubing is that less is more.

Screenshot 2021-11-18 2.41.13 PM


I don’t really understand how there are “celebrities” in this hobby tbh.

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🤷 YouTube and Twitch are big. These days I probably watch more YouTube than movies and TV combined. Throw in TikTok & Instagram and there are a lot of ways to turn your hobbies into your job by making content. Plus you get vendors interacting with their customers through all of these services as well.


I mean I agree and disagree with the sentiment. I think if you make content in any form (and I stress any being one of the only not doing audiovisual content) and do it with both any regularity and quality, you gain some level of familiarity among people in the hobby. Much like with @Manofinterests above, if your content involves sending out your opinion or feelings then you gain ‘repute’ based on people’s agreement or trust in your word.

In that regard, there get to be ‘celebrities’ insofar that you have read and recognize their content and so have many other people. Do I think this is for the best? Absolutely not. Do I think all content creators, myself included, need to be held to higher standards with respect to transparency, accuracy, etc., 100% yes. Unfortunately though, in this day and age with everyone having the ability and means to post their opinions or feelings out there, natural “celebrities” arise because of their accuracy, style, personality, or anything that makes them stand out amongst the rest of the opinions/content/etc.

As well, as for the social media side of things mentioned by @Laughmaster, I’m 100% aware that that is what is required of modern content creators now a days with rare exception. While my content is almost entirely in the esoteric, longform style, my Twitter and Instagram pages are a non-trivial means to drive traffic to the website as well as spread more information about switches however I can. Without those, I would bet a lot that I wouldn’t be where I am in the community these days.


fwiw, you definitely are in my book, man. Came across a lot of your videos while I was just getting deep into the hobby.