Finding the right layout for plate/board combination

I have a DZ60 PC00002 09.10 board. Using a KBDfans plastic plate (variant A 2.0U LShift)

kbdfans: /collections/60/products/dz60-60-pcb
kbdfans: /collections/60-layout-plate-1/products/60-pc-material-plate?variant=19633279631418

Originally someone flashed it with the ayout: LAYOUT_olivierko Keyboard: dz60 at

But the space key, and the key to the right of the space key won’t work.

I have measured and inspected the circuit and cannot find any blown diodes, resistors, damaged traces. The switches are working (jumpering them doesn’t help) Cannot see from the schematic what would fail to disable those two switches only.

I suspect maybe the Layout I’m using is wrong, but I cannot figure out which is the right layout. Can anyone advise on the correct layout for this plate/pcb combination?

I tried flashing to Layout 60_ansi but that made the keyboard totally unusuable and I struggled to get it recognized and reflashed with the sort-of-working oliverko. And now thereafter I note that several swaths of LEDS no longer light, or light in other color (green instead of red). The space bar, and the right-adjacent key still don’t work.

Can anyone suggest how to find the ‘right’ layout for this pcb/plate pair? I guess if that still doesn’t help the two dead keys, it’s some other issue. I even tried two alternative switch locations for the space bar (Space2, Space1) and neither worked)

red arrows point out the two keys that dont’ respond. I’ve tried jumpering the adjacent locations “space2” or “space1” but neither works either.

Originally the leds were all on, and red. Now I get different colors and not all turn on.

Don’t know how to help you, but I flashd my dz60 to VIA and then it was easy piecey.

oh man… I had no idea about via. Thanks for the tip. Once I flashed with dz60-via.hex , it was a simple matter to pick the correct shift-row/row-4 key layout and now it works. Thanks

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