Finding your spring weight: 63.5g SPRiT



When Clear-minded BSUN was my favorite switch, my favorite spring weight was 65g. It was comfortable yet playful.

Then Holy Panda came a long and it felt the best at 68g so I switched over. It was fine for several months then my hands started to feel taut. I figured it was from working too much so I started resting more often. Then one day I got the final alarm, my left hand felt numb in the morning.

That started my search for my spring weight for the switch instead of the switch’s ideal spring weight. I tried everything I had between 62g to 68g, including progressive and ‘slow’. 65g which felt comfortable with MX Clear stem was now tad too strong, likely due to Halo’s bigger bump being bigger. 62g nerfed tactility too much. Progressives just felt weird and ‘slow’ just felt the same.

What I finally went with is regular 63.5g SPRiT springs because it offered the best balance between tactility and comfort. The lesson here is that what’s best for the switch may not be the best for your wrist, over time.


I’m settling down with 65g SPRiT springs in clicky switches. With these springs I can type without bottoming out and not feeling too much fatigue.
I have some progressive springs (also 65g) but I have yet to put them into switches for proper typing.

recently I got some T1 Night switches (not sure if I like them so I only ordered 10).
I only test them on hand, the tactile bump is somewhat satisfying but I’m not sure about long time usage. I believe their spring is 67g.
I try changing the spring:

  • 65g SPRiT (normal) spring: lighter bump but still somewhat on the hard side.
  • 65g SPRiT progressive spring: the bump is even lighter than the 65g normal spring, I consider building a board with these if I can get them later (as T1 has been discontinued).

(I don’t know about Holy Panda and I have not tried Zeal V2)


On one hand 63.5g sprit springs are amazing.
On the other hand, sprit is extremely hit or miss when it comes to fulfilling/shipment.


This is what’s stopping me from biting the bullet on going with SPRiT. I was lucky to get 200 78g CWW springs from someone on MechMarket so I won’t need to worry for a while, but my Korean friend has had to wait 6 weeks for his springs to even ship.


On the other hand, sprit is extremely hit or miss when it comes to fulfilling/shipment.

I have to agree. I haven’t had any issue so far but the lack of communication and stories of unshipped orders should make potential buyers wary.