Fine, I'll stop lurking. Hi Keebtalk, I'm Jesse @ DIY Keyboards

I’ve honestly been lurking since the forum opened, but figured it was time to get a little more active.

I’ve been running a store at for a few years. It started kind of by accident when I designed the Switchcracker back in 2016. Since then my little shop has grown slowly and I now make a slew of tools, printed cases (mostly Dactyl Manuforms and variants), switch films, and I carry all the little things scratch builders need.

I’m a loud clicky switch guy with lots of buckling springs and BOX navies, but my daily is a simple HHKB. I love the design process and focus a lot of my energy there… love coming up with new stuff or solving some problem with a creative design.

Looking forward to getting involved here. Thanks for having me.


Welcome! Care to post a pic of your daily board? The site looks great and so does the Switchcracker.

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Glad for you to join the conversation! I dig the merch designs.

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Your website is pretty nice. I stumbled across the big switch keycap. I think I need that in my life LOL. Do you have a picture of the different color options? (the metallic ones sounded pretty interesting)

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Welcome! “keeb scientists” and “keeb designers/engineers” are highly valued members here, lol.


Here she is in all her filthy glory! It gets used hard.

On the bright side, it’ll get a full cleaning soon, as I have BKE Heavy domes and MX sliders to install.


Hey Dave! I have added a filament gallery to the Big Caps page. Have a look and see if anything strikes you.

I only just made the gallery last week and haven’t finished adding it across the site yet.

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Welcome to the party!

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They all look good :smiley: . I will think about it for a few days to see what is going to match my setup.

Plus what word if any do I want, “Panic”, “No!”, “Any Key”, “Go” too many options.