Finished my Keychron K4 project this weekend!

I’ve been delving into the hobby these past few weeks and grabbed the Keychron K4 as a starter board to mess with. Went in and swapped the Cherry Blues with Drop Holy Pandas. Lubed all 100 switches and learned how to tune the stabs as well. I recorded a short video and love how this thing sounds now.

Removing the old switches took quite a bit of time; the remover tool the Keychron came with was pretty useless so I turned to my pliers. That’s the one thing I’ll say about this PCB, the stock switches are really wedged in there. It was definitely a hassle in this whole process. So, if anyone has a good remover they’d recommend let me know.

Still on the look out for some keycaps to throw on this guy but it looks great with the caps it came with. My keyboard feels amazing now and the project definitely has me thinking about a future custom build down the line.


Good work!

I use this to remove switches, they are quite common to find:


Nice thanks for the link!

That sounds pretty darn good! Nice job!

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