First prototype production shots (aanzee)

Just wanted to share this here as I am really pleased with the result!

The design has been revised since this prototype went into production due to some feedback and there are one or two small errors in the design (this is my second ever keyboard design and time using fusion) but I learned a lot and I really think it looks amazing.

Before the gratification huge huge shout out to close friends and all around excellent humans for supporting me with this project @olivia @ChrisSwires @Jae-3soteric! Big love to these three

Click here for the money shots

If anyone has any constructive criticism then please do let me know!


Big love to you man! It’s come out beyond all (of my already high) expectations. A true beauty.

Verrrrrry nice

@westfoxtrot I tried pinging you on Discord about this, no luck :frowning:

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More than happy to help support in any capacity @westfoxtrot :smiley:

Just when R1 hits I def need to have number 13

Oh I’m a dummy. Pm inbound

This looks amazing, congrats!

13/12 :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Looks amazing, I cant wait. Thanks to everyone who helped get the proto going :ok_hand:

It’s my lucky number :kissing_closed_eyes:

Damn, nice job. How’s the finish on the laserboost bits? I’ve got a brass plate coming from them soon

Wow. This is damned cool. Is that machined PMMA?

Wow this looks great! What are you calling it? (you should probably add the name to the title of the post too.) :wink:

The laserboost sticker just happened to be there haha. I had a plate cut by them. The finish is good but the cuts are a touch jagged in some places. Overall good experience

It’s poly carbonate!

Added! It’s called aanzee.

whoa. nice. are you going to polish it or leave it frosted?

I’m still undecided as I really like the look of it as is. Going to have a good look at it when I get a spare fee hours and see how the machining marks etc look.

Will update with a built pic once done I think

Cool. Might be interesting to bead-blast it with really fine media to get a really light but more uniform frosting if you prefer it frosted.

Looking good. Aanzee as in Dutch for ‘by the sea’?

Exactly that! My girlfriend and I moved to the Netherlands this year and I let her pick the name. The blue and gold of the original design made her choose aanzee and the name stuck around