First real build in the works

The board: case, plate, pcb not shown

The switches: holy mint pandas?


The stabs:

The caps: @Sour gmk wasabi

Still need a soldering iron. Looking into ts100 just not sure which manufacturer.


Congrats! I really like the green-ness of this board.

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Thanks! I got a few artisans to take up some space too.

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How long will you have to wait until it’s done?

My set of Wasabi will also be going on a black and green themed TKL :blush:

Ts100 looks to be a great Iron.
I personnally own a KSGER T12 soldering station and can tell those are pretty good also, cheap, and also the T12 tips are darn cheap and a lot of types.
Both heats up very quick due to integrated cartridge technology witch is very nice(around 6s for me from cold to 330C).

appreciate the info, thanks!

case is just going into manufacturing so hoping by the end of the year.

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Nice, that’ll be a beautiful build! Be sure to share photos when you get it!

definitely will!

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