[FIXED] Need Help With Gateron Switches Not Fitting Properly

Hello, I am currently building on an NK65 EE and I am having an issue with my switches. I just received 70 milky yellows and around 20% just do not sit flush into the plate when the case is fully assembled. They stick out a noticeable bit and it does not look right. I figured out that it has something to do with the switch legs, as the switches fit totally fine in the plate when I take off the PCB. I looked around for possible solutions and some of the options I saw were shaving down the legs (I am not totally sure if they mean the center or the two side ones) or maybe even just clipping the side legs off entirely. I could not find a definitive answer and did not want to commit to anything as I only have two extra switches.

Is this a common issue with Gateron’s switches? What is the best course of action? Should I try and get replacements for the 14 that don’t fit?

Thank you for your time.

Sounds like the PCB mount plastic switch pins are too big for the PCB. If you push extra hard they will probably go. Easier would be to cut them off. Since it has a plate, you don’t really need them.

You can look it up on YouTube or read countless articles. Cut them off with Scissors, xacto, flush cutters, finger nail clippers, etc…


Thank you so much! This works perfectly :smiley:

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