Fjell Powdercoating (Currently being Powdercoated)

Hi Everyone,

After having my Fjell R1 for some time, I figured it was time for some change. Community member alex_at_panc runs a store which is which I highly recommend you check out. It opened recently and I noticed that he had a lot of really awesome Powdercoating options.

So while browsing his shop I decided to pick up a stainless steel 60% since I don’t have one anymore and I really appreciate how unique the finishes looked.

So I ordered a plate and he messaged me so I could finalize which finish I could choose. I told him my goal was to match my purple fjell with a great plate, but then I decided, "Why not get my fjell powdercoated the same finish? " I ask Alex if it was possible and yup it is! I have all of the options of prismatic colors available to me.

So here were the 4 finishes I was debating on, and I wanted to put it up to a public vote. A little community interaction is always a bit nice hehe.

The four options are:

Freckled Peach:

Diamond Pearl:

Purple Mirage River

Emerald Green

  • Option A: Freckled Peach
  • Option B: Diamond Pearl
  • Option C: Purple Mirage River
  • Option D: Emerald Green

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Emerald green all day long.

Peach :peach: for sure

dat peach looks good

Peach all the way

Purple mirage because fuck yeah rainbow finish

Channeling my inner @olivia

Spanish Gold hihihi

It’s all about that Diamond Pearl

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OOF, Freckled Peach and Emerald Green and head to head at 30% as of this post which is really interesting. I’m a bit surprised diamond pearl is that low, but I guess not everyone likes the super glossy look.

If you had Freckled Peach, what keycap set would you throw on? How about Emerald Green?

For Emerald Green, I’d probably go with GMK Camping (whenever that arrives -_-). For Freckled Peach hmm. Maybe GMK Pristine? Or GMK Classic Retro?

Obviously rose gold is my first choice :stuck_out_tongue: but alternatively, what about chameleon coats?


Peach - gotta throw GMK Olivia on.

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Not on the list but for future powder coats, I’d like to advocate for disco purple

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I second this!

Well the numbers are in and emerald green has won! Sooner or later I’ll be posting the finished product :slight_smile:

I just got an update from @Alexatpanc!

Check out the pics here:


Looks very industrial. Like some fixture in a boiler room or outside at a park. Really cool. What set would you put on it?

I’m thinking GMK camping :thinking:

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gmk camping would match that perfectly

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Video 1:

Video 2:

New pictures! The pictures without the switches are the old ones, and the new ones have the switches.

I should be getting the board in sometime this week :slight_smile:

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I think there would be a lot of demand for a respected powdercoat-your-existing-board service. Would really create a lot of flexibility, breathe new life into old boards, and allow people to prioritize layout/angle/etc without worrying about vibing with available colors.

I’m a little salty you did this to a PURPLE, but I get it (your Fjell video review was art).

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