Flashed my Dz60 now my fn/mo key isnt wokring

I wanted to add some media keys to my board i got everything set up in qmk and followed all the steps. After i flashed my board everything was working fine besides the fn key. Does anyone have a fix to this?

We probably need to see the qmk

Did you built it with the online configurator? What code did you put on the fn key?

Yeah i did it with the online config

MO(0) needs to be MO(1) if you want it to go to layer 1, which i assume is your function layer. You have to use the mouse to click in that space and type “1” instead of “0”.

Right now it is going to layer 0, which is your base layer.


Oh perfect i got it working thank you so much

Now when im trying to use alt fn 4 or fn backspace for delete nothing is happening not sure how im supposed to have the layout in qmk where i can still use my media keys and the other functions

Are you sure you programmed those on layer 1?

Can we see what you have on layer 1?

Am i also supposed to have mo on layer 1 as well saying 0?

You posted a picture of Layer 1 - there is currently nothing assigned to the backspace keys… If you want them to delete you have to put the delete key there.


Thank you i got everything working


Glad you got it running the way you want it to.