Fokrere 82

This is my good friends new design, we called it fokrere 82 with 82 keys which already included most of the usual keys. Very simple design but looks confortable.

Structure as below:

Anodized and electrophoresis CNC Aluminum case

Main Structure

82 keys
8 degree case angle
Top and bottom cover
1.5mm integrated mount positioning plate
Copper name tag
Fully programable PCB
Qmk firmware
Keys are no impact designed
Type c usb connector

This will be up on sell soon, limited edition of 300 worldwide.

If you have any questions or comment, please do not hesitate to contact me any time, thank you!


How much will it cost?

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There are 2 translucent slits on the left of the copper tag, are those for LEDs?
Just noticed the long horizontal slit in the lower left of the board as well.

is this hot swappable?

Cost is USD 230 without postage and local tax

The bottom onw is RGB, and those one on top right hand side are indicator light

No, unfortunately it isn’t

What are the layout options looking like?

depends on your routine really, it is fully customise by qmk anyway. Traditional layout is too many out there, so making somthing different, which like Leopard 660, IBM beamspring, Cherry g80-1813. Some ppl may not accept this, but some ppl like it. Customise keyboard, right? If everything stay traditional, then no point to playing around with that! This is my the point of view

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This looks interesting :slight_smile:

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When will the GB be?

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