For a site founded by multiple vendors, there sure seems to be a lack of a general vendor discussion / vendor update category

I don’t host group buys very often so where do I update on what I regularly have on stock and stuff?

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I’d also like to port the H7 GB over to here as the interface is much more friendly for updates etc

Isn’t that what “New (In-Stock) Products” Tag is for? Maybe it needs a clarification.

I wouldn’t say New (In-Stock) products if it’s something I regularly stock getting backordered and then a shipment comes in. I run a lot of pre-orders as well and having a centralized place to post all of my vendor activities seems like a more efficient option than having to juggle multiple vendor related threads at one time.

“This category is for vendors that wish to advertise new keyboard related products from their storefront.”

Yeah, that does seem more for new products. We need just “Vendor Updates” but with rules to keep the two separate, I guess.

It’d be good to have a place where vendors can post a living thread of their current stock/promos/ICs/GBs and be able to answer questions about their site or projects

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Or maybe some way for verified vendors to have a special “storefront” landing page?

I don’t think that’s entirely necessary. Just a single living vendor thread would be good enough for most of us, I think. Any active projects can have their own homes.

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Yeah, changing the current “New Products” subcategory to be a general vendor subcategory and work like the GH vendor forums did would probably work well. Each vendor getting a single “living” thread inside the forum for their activities and products, as well as for other members to ask questions maybe.

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