Found: Backlit PBT with South-mount LED-friendly Centered font!

I just noticed that there are some centered backlit PBT keycaps available on AliExpress that would work well if you need backlighting for typing at night but have a keyboard with south-mount LEDs. There’s four or five different colorways in the Womier store under “110 PBT XVX Backlit.” Make sure that you get the 110-key sets; the 180-key versions are not backlit.

If you’re still kicking yourself for missing the LTC LavaCaps last year, rejoice!


Glad there’s something with shine-through legends that looks decent. Would be choice if such a set were available with white alphas/light gray modifiers.

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Check this one out.

It’s not perfect - it’s missing a couple of keys for 65% and 70% (notably a top-row delete key.) But that’s just an excuse to buy that sweet flux capacitor keycap from Clackeys anyways. :smiley: