Frankenswitch - moyu stem + cherry housing, aliaz stem + moyu housing

just created these two frankenswitches out of the leftover parts from mx silents and throwing in moyu blacks into the mix and wanted to hear other people’s experiences if they had tried something similar before.

I was hoping to raise the tactility of the aliaz stems while making the most of the cherry housings.

my findings were -

the moyu stem + cherry housing took away the high pitched clack of the stock moyu black and lost some original tactility, but still seems stronger than stock HPs.

the aliaz stems + moyu housing + sprit 63.5 progressives increased the tactility, which is great because that’s what I was looking for. I was looking for something with lighter tactility than boba u4s, and this seems to have hit the spot.

would love to hear other people’s experiences if they have tried either of these two combinations, or anything similar, or if anyone has suggestions that would give a silent tactile maybe close to the level of an HP.

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Very cool! I’ve been super curious about the Moyus for their tactile frankenswitching potential.

We’ve actually got a frankenswitch thread going here with all kinds of experimentation and discussion.


tyvm! I will check that out

I added some Moyu stems to Rara V1 housings last night. They sound much better than stock (though I did lube and film them so it’s not a real fair comparison).

I’ve tried Moyus with their original bottoms and Gat milky tops as well which helped with sound (but they result in a lot of rotational wobble)

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Swinging back by to say I found your post again looking for commentary on Moyu Blacks now that I have some - and the Cherry housings I have (formerly Silent Blacks) are one of… two, three at most that actually feel good to me so far.

After trying quite a few housings with the Moyu stem, I was pretty underwhelmed. I love the stock switch quite a bit so far, but the only housing I really liked it in was the Polia - but I hadn’t tried a Cherry one yet, until I saw your post again - so thanks!

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Yeah, I was really hoping they’d be a reasonable alternative to Zealio stems for my sharp tactile frankenswitching purposes but, idk, they just don’t seem particularly standout as a component. The housings, on the other hand, are an interesting material with pretty solid tolerances and a strong leaf. Really high potential imo