Friday fei-day


Time to build my tx84se. About to tub lube the novelkeys fei switches. (3204 for stems. 3203 for springs).

Happy Friday


It’s fei-day, fei-day, gotta lube up on fei day


Nice, let us know how you like the FEI switches all lubed up once you get the build done! BTW how do you like using 3203 for the springs? I usually use Krytox VPF1514 for all my springs & have had great results, but I’m always open to trying new things!

Edit: Happy Friday FEI day to you too! :sunglasses:


I’ve been out of oil for a while, so that’s why I’m using 3203. It’s been good to quiet the springs in the past two builds I’ve done


Yeah VPF1514 has been getting harder & harder to find recently for some reason. I’m glad I stocked up from Mehkee while they still had it in stock. Thankfully NovelKeys has started selling lube & Mike’s got GPL104/105/106 in stock so that can be a good alternative to VPF1514! Glad to hear 3203 works well for springs though cause I’ll be out of 1514 sooner than later.


I recently got 5ml of VPF1514 from StoreUni. Took 3wks though.

Re NovelKeys, I hope they add VPF1514 and grade 0 GPL 20x grease to complete the selection cuz they’re my favorite vendor.


I was tempted to order some when they had their latest GB going on. Do they have site you can order from or are they still just doing GBs for lube?


In the home stretch now. Soldering time. Took extra time bc the PCB mount pins on the fei switches were too big for the Leeku board. Had to give them the old snip snip.


All done.


Oil page with VPF 1514 as an option is here:

Grease page with GPL 20x grade 0s are here:


Awesome, thanks for the links bud! :+1:


Well. This is really pretty.


:fire: Looks amazing! What cap set you planing on pairing with it?


Probably 9009. Maybe camping or Royal Alpha


9009 would be a great match! Camping & RA too, but I think 9009 would really pop with the color of the case.



Classic, the splash of color tops it off! :eyes:


do you have any typing tests of this beauty <3


Not yet. It sounds nice. Not quite as nice as my v2 Jane, but it’s good. I’ll try to record something in the next day or so.