Fun Between your Legs! (Cycling Thread)

This is a cycling thread for cycling with or without keyboards.

My humble steed.

That’s the only one I have built up right now, but planning on moving most of the components to my alu frame and rebuilding this bike as a heavier training/beater bike (TBD).


My beautiful faithful Bianchi Volpe that was STOLEN from me a few years ago when my garage got broken into. My father had bought it new in the very early 90’s and I had been riding it since 2000. I completely had it rebuilt with new gearing, wheels, and flat bars in 2015. Got to enjoy it for two years before it was taken away. If anyone in Cali sees this bike, punch the person riding it.

The replacement bike I have never been truely happy with. I kind of want to sell it to get another steel framed Bianchi…


Do it. Steel is real!


Haven’t gone riding in a while, but I do miss it.


I’ve got two these days, a pake rum runner for commuting and Kona touring bike for carrying a lot of stuff/long rides/touring.


I got this Trek Zektor B DK this year for commuting to work. I enjoy riding it a lot, and do @ 100 km / week on it.


That’s a nice lookin whip and solid commute. Do you have a bad winter where you are/can you make commuting work all year round?

Heya, this is the first year I’ve started biking after my childhood :slight_smile:

The winters are kinda random here in Romania, but November - > February I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be harder to commute, I would be fine with rain but I think as soon the temperature drops under 6-7 degrees C i’m gonna pass riding :slight_smile:

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Oof yeah, thats cold, I used to live in Boston and December to February was brutal and usually too cold to commute. Props to you for commuting when you can though, it’s definitely the way to go imo.


How do you like the leader? Do you have experience on any other fixed gear frames? I’m looking at upgrading my pake, but don’t really know what I want. I had an EAI brass knuckle (the short lived alu cousin to the bareknuckle) for a while, and it was a bunch of fun, but I ended up breaking the frame (RIP) and ended up back on the pake.


Had no idea so many of us are into cycling!


In addition to my Leader I have have a Unknown. What’s your price point like? The EAI Brass knuckle is a pretty good bike hehe. Pakes are solid as well.

My Leader bike is okay. I don’t think I’d recommend any of their modern line up as it currently stands. I know a couple years back they had a big leadership transition, so their quality has been suspect since then. Unknown is a pretty solid brand for its pricepoint. I plan on actually transferring most of the parts on this leader frame to the unknown one I have.

If you want to go upmarket, maybe cinelli would be a fun pick or the bianchi super pista is a really tried and true frame. Bianchi also have a really good steel frame if you want to stick with the steel is real life.

Dolan Pre cursa also very solid.

Do you know what components you’d want to build up a bike with? Frameset is only one piece of the amazingly fun puzzle.

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That’s a solid steed and you are getting a lot of miles on it!

Have you attempted a Century Ride yet (100 miles)?

Cool thread!
Here’s what I’m currently riding:
Parlee Z-Zero with lots of fun little add-ons. This was taken at the bike store before I brought it home. Need to get some new photos.


I dunno what I’m really after, or if I would just get a new frame for what I have now or do a whole new build. I’m leaning to a whole new build. I’ve got some sweet nitto bullhorns and a thompson stem sitting around, so those would go on for sure. My Pake has some Sugino messenger cranks that are beat to crap (I’m the second or third owner), and I built wheels to go with it when I was working in a shop like ten years ago (all city hubs with Mavic open-pro rims) although I crashed and wrecked the front wheel a few years ago. I’ll probably end up with some omniums or something.

I went for the Pake because the value was awesome, especially when I was in college and working in a bike shop where I could get it half price, but I think I’m looking for something a bit more upscale now. I know the Dolans are pretty popular in Europe, my sister went to London last year and said she saw tons of them, I just can’t decide if I want an aluminum bike again. I’ve low-key been thinking about going for a bareknuckle. I’ll have to look into what Bianchi has for steel frames. I’ve also been trying to decide what I want for like a year, so who knows if I’ll get anything soon.

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Hey thanks :slight_smile: I did a century but in kilometres :smile:

It was pretty fun and enjoyed it, I will repeat the experience next spring. Outside commuting I rarely catch the time to ride, like 1-2 times / month on loose weekends. Now the temperature has dropped and rain started, so it’s the end of season I think.

Here’s mine in full Ironman setup from a while back


Anyone have any experience with some China Carbon Frames?
Been thinking of

or going slightly more legit with

I’ve been itchin for a new weight weenie build :smiley:

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Does it count, if I hang on to the seat while some one else pedals?


I worked at a couple bike shops a few years back, I remember everyone at one of them shitting on the Planet X frames for breaking easily, but I don’t know much about them myself…