G-Concept Poseidon

Long time no see to everyone! After Space Trek, I had started my new project, I called it Poseidon. The reason is I used the ‘Trident’ as the logo, personally I think the 'Trident looks really cool. But in case someone doesn’t like it! I also do another simple version without logo.

The details as follow:

1)Bottom mount attached to the middle case

  1. Magnetic top plate

  2. Copper counter weight attached to the bottom plate

  3. Poron anechoic pad between pcb and positioning plate

  4. EVA anechoic pad at the bottom plate

  5. 1.5 mm aluminium positioning plate and PC positioning plate

  6. Full cnc aluminium case

  7. Electrostatic coating with 8 different colors

  8. Logo coloring by plastic molding

  9. 6.5 degree

  10. Hot swap PCB with fully customize keys by QMK

  11. 83 keys

The keyboard shape kinda like round trapezoid. Some people may ask with this shape how can I use an armrest? The answer is the front of the keyboard is in slope which is low enough, so i don’t think it needs an armrest, but in case someone prefer a armrest, please do not hestate to contact me for a customize make.

Let upload some photos:

8 different colors combinations

The actual sample

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy it. Please do not hesitate to leave your comments.


This is an impressive piece of work. It’s not one that’s for me, but I think it’s impressive nonetheless. I’d especially like to see this layout in a more subdued board!

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this is glorious.