Hi everyone, I’m Gary, a new comer to Keebtalk, very happy to meet you here. I’m a crazy lover in customize keyboard. At my free time, I run a studio to design keyboards and keycaps. I’m looking forward to collect more comments and advise thrrough Keebtalk and I’m appreciate for your comments, your comments is important to me, thank you!

Vintage 80s this is my first prototype, design based on 80s typewriter, pretty simple design with Vintage outlook. CNC alumium case with top and bottom cover, double top layer which can give me more color combination to play around. Top mount positioning plate to minimize the cavity sound. 81 keys which already included most of the major common keys. The 80s is quite heavy, net weight of 6.1kgs without copper counter weight. Good to gaming I can say, because it never moves while I’m playing.


There’s a lot going on there but it looks like it mostly works cohesively. It almost reminds me of the Alf X3 in its ambition even though it’s pretty different.

Thank you so much for your reply. I also like the X3 as well. Myself have the x2, which I still keep it at my bookshelf. x3 is not easy to get here, seems no one want to sell it.
The vintage 80s is my first experiment. I hope I can improve this soon, an design the 60s now based on the 80s, and hopefully you can give me more advise so I can get more concept on that, if you don’t mind

That looks very pretty you know!
On a more traditional wooden and antique feeling setup, that board would really shine.
The bulk of such a board isn’t something I am a fan of but this board gets a nod of approval from me (not that my nods are any special XD)

Thank you for this, this is a good idea for me really! Wood actually can improve a lot for the image of Vintage look, which I really missed. Thanks a lot

Oh heck yeah. I’m fortunate to have both of those, definitely cool boards.

One thing that would maybe add to that vintage look, although it’s become pretty poplar lately is a bar at the top to act as a pen holder. Like @Kasuka3497 said having one of the parts have a wood option that would be pretty awesome as well, maybe the piece that looks like brass in your picture as wood would be really slick and nail that 60s vibe. Vibes like this:

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There’s very few metal+wood hybrid boards and I am sure there’s people wanting some change to the flavors they get.

This is an good idea, I really like it actually :grimacing:

If you did a black-wood version with brass or any golden metal inlay, I probably would pick it up.

This is very neat, but layout options would be awesome. That empty space on the right with the compact business on the left is a bit unbalanced, but that’s just my two cents.


Something seemed a bit off to me, and I think that’s it. Maybe moving the F keys to the left a bit would help?

You are actually right… That’s where the strangeness is…

I think having the F-row up top might actually be better no?