Galaxy Class artisans extras just went up


I just thought I’d mention that the last few extras of the Enterprise-D bronze artisans went up for sale at Roddenberry today. There are just a tiny handful left and, like the resin extras, they’ll probably sell out within hours of having been posted, so just a heads up. :slight_smile:


… and even this I managed to take it

now I have the complete set, I am very happy.

we just have to wait for the klingon set (ehehehehe)

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While it is a very different colorway, Keyreative has a PBT dye-sub set that uses Klingon legends. Not sure if it is something that would interest you or not, but figured I’d give a heads up anyways! :wink:


I know him, I really like this set. But if I think of the Klingons it does not convince me much about the colors.

Thanks for the tip. :occhiali da sole::+1:

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I was thinking probably something sort of intentionally kind of ugly and thus characteristically Klingon. I was thinking VF and RBC as the Signature Plastics stock colors we could use. They’re pretty evocative of Klingon aesthetics in the post-TMP era.


which color is VF? I do not remember.

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The two colors are a kind of dark olive green and a rusty red—very Klingon.


I’m very curious, I thought you also contemplated a red amaranth / burgundy (for example pantone 504M). But I’m confident, you have a nice touch for design. :occhiali da sole:

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It’s still in the very early stages. Honestly, I’ve mostly been holding out for completion of the DSS tooling to see if we want to use that profile.

I’m planning on getting actual physical samples of whatever we come up with, so when Roddenberry offers it up for sale, people won’t have to be making a decision just based on renders.


So. Down. I’d love it if it were DSA of course but, let’s face it. I’ll be down either way!


I obviously love DSA too, but my thinking was that Klingon equipment always looks kind of dated and retro, so perhaps something a bit more sculptured would work well for a design like this.


The linked set appears to be Vulcan legends, not Klingon … Am I missing something? :confused:?

The Vulcan set you linked does look pretty good though!


oh yeah seems like a good idea.

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Oh, yeah. That’s definitely Vulcan. Vulcan kind of doesn’t make sense for a keyset legend font, however, as it’s all designed to sort of intertwine in long vertical calligraphic scripts, at least the TNG era style. I think that set is using the TMP glyphs, which never really extended beyond that film other than the cast metal adornments worn on Vulcan robes (where the written intertwining script isn’t practical).


Well, I didn’t think I was gonna buy this artisan and even skipped it when it first went up, but I guess I was wrong. Thanks @norbauer! :wink:


Hehe. You’re welcome/I’m sorry. :wink:


you are super fans of star trek, I did not remember this detail about glyphs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I unfortunately absolutely find it challenging to disagree.


Whoops linked the wrong one, LOL!

That’s the Klingon one!


Ooh, that looks not bad. Somehow I failed to find it myself on that site earlier :sweat_smile: