Gamification is very silly


The “gamification” of this site is very silly. Would be great if we could disable that in our profile.






I don’t know if I could so so far as to call it gamification exactly; it’s just trying to acknowledge good community-oriented behavior. That seems worthwhile.


People should still be able to disable the notifications, I think that’s fair.




got em.

Edit: why does this not show up like a proper reply? it does this sometimes.


A lot of the badges also contribute to discourses native trust system, the first 48hrs has a significant flood of badges which I agree is quite irritating but it calms significantly down afterwards.

The one thing I think we should be able to change is the notification list on the top right when we click our profile pic should just show new notifications and not a huge string of everything.


It matters if you use the ‘Reply’ button on a specific comment or at the bottom of a thread’s page. Also, if you want to quote the comment you’re replying to, make sure to highlight the text and hit Reply (or you can hit Reply, highlight the text, and then hit Reply again, but it’s less work if you just highlight first).

Initially I thought this was really weird, but I actually like the idea that you should pick something about a comment to reply to. Seems sensible to me.


Yeah Snappo is wierd.

(System also allows for out of context lulz).


@ChrisSwires Shut up. I’ll report you to the mods smh


When I hit the reply button at the bottom of someone elses post, I expect it to become a reply, but it isnt? why?

edit: see it didnt reply to chris but did to this one. wtf


Maybe computers were a mistake.



See, again. It even says I am replying.


as discussed on discord, the icon only shows up if there is a break in the reply chain so people know you aren’t replying to the preceding message. kind of odd but not so bad once you know the behavior.


Ugh, I hate conditional UI.


IDK, sometimes you just want to mindless reply to an entire comment lol, but I guess you make a point.

On the actual topic, I agree that badges help determine a user’s trust factor, but I most definitely thing we should be able to mute the notifications for receiving badges, and I’d further like to say that they should be muted by default to improve usability. Participation is encouraged by meaningful and interesting conversations and a good community, you don’t need to hand out lollipops to your users to make them post more.


couldn’t agree more!

Also that select quote feature is nifty! :slight_smile:


And I got a badge for doing my first quote…


The gamification can help some people learn the basic features of the site. It can be a bit much at the beginning though.


Features of a site should be intuitive enough that badges don’t need to exist in order to “guide” users.

It’s pretty unintuitive to get to here to begin with, and I really don’t think this is a good way to teach users what features are available anyway.