Gaote Electrostatic Capacitive switch?

I searched for “capacitive keyboard switch” out of curiosity and found a page for an obscure switch made by Gaote. They look a bit like discreet Topre modules and have plastic fixing pins. I also can’t find any existing boards that use this switch.


That packaging would certainly make working with EC switches easier, but I’m not sure that you’d get the same feeling as a Topre-style switch. Which I would think is what folks would want?

Unless the switch has something inside, like a rubber dome or buckling spring, to provide the collapsing tactile feedback, I think it’ll just be a linear switch. Their diagrams don’t match up either.

First image suggests ‘Cup Rubber’ is just that but cut-away diagram, which looks like like a Topre switch, doesn’t match the dimensions of the switch in the photos in the second image.

A very interesting find nonetheless.

No, not at all. A tad dubious I’d say.

That said, it seems like a lot of trouble to go the EC route in terms of firmware. Versus the simple MX switch.

An inaccurate Chinese data sheet? I don’t believe it!

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It could be a clickbar switch for all we know since it says “Click Tactile” and the asthetic is obviously inspired by Kailh Box.