Gateron CJ Switch Review

Hey all,

I can’t believe its already been another two weeks and time to share another review, as it would appear graduate school is warping my sense of time like no other. This is absolutely not a problem though as a lot of exciting new switches have been being delivered in the past few weeks, such as the new, POM-bottom housing Gateron CJ Switches which this review takes the deep dive on.

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Article Link: Gateron CJ Switch Review — ThereminGoat's Switches
Scorecard Repository: GitHub - ThereminGoat/switch-scores: PDF Repository of switch score sheets.

Big thanks to my sponsor Jae of proto[Typist] who sent me these along with some other goodies that I’ll be showing off in the days and weeks ahead! And as big of a thanks to you all, my readers, for the continued love and support even in these stressful times for me right now. You have no idea how much it means. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I was wondering about these just yesterday. Thanks!

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I can hear your thoughts.


Thanks once again for the review and the time that you put into these. I should have my batch in sometime today to do some testing myself.

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Gateron CJ Switches? They copying Jeep now? :joy:

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I have some mixed feelings about a blue switch that’s not clicky :thinking:


Same! I thought it was a clicky at first. Fooled again.

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Just got mine in, and had a chance to test them out a little bit. On regular key presses, they are incredibly smooth, like Tangie v2 smooth, and with no lube at all. This is next level stem surface polishing for sure. Unfortunately, they did exhibit some major stick/slip binding with extreme off center presses (especially when pressing towards the leaf) – though to be fair, I don’t think you would experience this during normal usage, and it might go away entirely once lubed. I’ll have to report back once I lube a few.

I do want to try some of the CJ stems in Gat Ink V2 housings to see if they will be the godly switches I’m thinking they might be. I also want to try some of my Invyr UHMWPE v1 stems in the CJ housings. So much experimentation, so little time.


I bet that stick will go away with lube. What about sound? The only reason I’m holding out is that I assume these are fairly clacky. I prefer thock :slight_smile:

I can only speak to the stock sound and the few switches that I’ve compared them to, but they are on the clacky side. They are deeper sounding than Alpacas, but not as deep as nylon housings. I still need to compare them to Inks, Creams, basic Gats, and more, when I can grab some unlubed switches that I have stored. I’ll post back once I’ve had a chance.


I got a chance to do some more comparisons to stock switches or the CJ stems in other stock housings.
Here are the ramblings of a madman – in no particular order.

CJ stem in NK Cream housing

  • CJ housing is a little deeper sounding – both are clacky.
  • The NK Cream top is deeper and quieter than the CJ top.

CJ stem in Gat Ink housing

  • CJ housing is deeper than the Gat Ink housing, but the Gat Ink housing is more muted.
  • Gat Ink housing has noticeably more wobble
  • Makes the V2 Ink feel as smooth as a V1.

vs OP Black

  • OP Black sounds more muted – similar pitch.

vs Tangerine V2

  • CJ is a deeper sounding but the Tangie is surprisingly a little more muted.

vs Alpaca

  • CJ is much deeper but they are just about even on clack.
  • This is it’s closest analogue in sound character out of any switch that I own.

vs H1

  • H1 is both deeper and more muted.

vs JWICK Black (all nylon)

  • JWICK is much deeper and more muted.

vs Gat Black (KS-8)

  • They are both about as clacky, but the CJ is deeper.

Invyr V1 UHMWPE stems in CJ Housings

  • Insanely smooth – even better then in Zeal housings which are (were?) my favorite housings to pair these with.
  • Cuts down on the clack over the POM stems.

Overall impressions of the switch after comparisons

  • Smooth stem, deep sounding bottom out with a sharp and loud clack, and nice a stable feeling. If lube tames the the sharpness, they will sound like really nice.

  • The spring feels heavier than 60g, and when pressed against the stem of another switch, it would clearly depress anything lower than 65g. I actually like the weighting and wouldn’t need to spring swap these. The spring isn’t crunchy or overly pingy either.

  • I can roll with these if they sound good lubed, and if not, these stems are going in some V2 Gat Inks.


The review looks great, I just wished they could go with another color. blue seems… clicky. haha


All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ :stuck_out_tongue: