Gateron Keycap Puller

New keycap puller from Gateron.

Credit to Gateron for trying different things. My, never touched it, thoughts are there isn’t a whole lot of space around the keycaps and those are some big plastic legs reaching around the caps. I would like to see it in action especially with spacebar or an ISO enter key.

The similar designed witch puller v1 has some issues which I believe they worked on for v2 (I haven’t tried either). Mentioning it because this design is similar to their v2.

I am not going to personally get it until I see a boat load of reviews because keycaps are expensive. It is one thing to break switch which can easily be replaced or scratch a plate which can be hidden when assembled. Its quite another to break keycaps where breaking (or even scratching) one really devalues the whole set.


I haven’t tried any of these fancy pullers. I don’t have a lot of complaints about the wire-based cap pullers through. They’re a bit of a bother in tight confines though.

I should try one some time.

I am starting to favor these Amazon ones for tight spaces (0.80mm wire diameter). They are thinner then ones I have used in the past to make pullers which were 0.88mm.

Thinner Puller (0.80mm)

Thicker puller (.88mm):

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Will have to a take a look at the thinner puller. The Gateron one seems rather bulky for what it is. Would rather use one of those cheap plastic pullers instead.

Realforce boards came with a similar design puller and I recall reading that it’s harmful for keycaps, since it’s easy to break them.

The thin wire puller posted above is a much better choice and definitely safer. Heck, you don’t even need a puller. I hot-glued 2 bent paperclip wires on a small plastic rod and I use that as a keycap puller (no joke)