Gateron Melodic Switch Review

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They’ve arrived!

Ever since I saw the marketing photos and renders for the Gateron Melodics, I knew I absolutely had to get some in hands for a full break down and review. It’s not every day we see one brand new take on switch design within the MX footprint, so getting to see two new takes in just a single switch might as well be a really late Christmas in my opinion. You’re definitely going to want to check out the ‘Appearance’ section in this one!

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As always, thank you all for the continued readership and support week in and out. I’ve got even more fun switches waiting in line for the next few reviews and maildays and I can’t wait to get to share them all with you. :heart:

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Enjoyed the review as usual! I’m not a fan of the switch. I tried several different setups with different keycaps, but I just can’t find something that makes them feel right to my fingers and typing habit. In fact, it’s one of hundreds of recent purchases that I’m reselling. But there’s a switch for everyone out there, and this will be a hit with someone.

I definitely feel like Gateron is on the upswing when it comes to switch improvements and innovation. I’m a big fan of the dual rail and smoothie switches. Interested to get my hands on the new silent switches as well.


One of the most interesting comparison sections yet - really shows the surprising variety of clicky feels out there today, and where the Melodic (rather uniquely) sits among them.


I got mildly distracted even before getting into the meat of this review…