Gateron Milky Tops rubbing keycaps

Anyone else notice Gateron Milky top rubbing on keycap stems? I have noticed it on my Punchy and FEI switches in the past., but it seems even worse with the newest batch of Gateron blacks I have. You can really feel it if you put a GMK cap on and press on the bottom edge of the switch. It almost completely binds. I guess they reduced the size of the opening for the stem on the bottom edge to help reduce wobble?

Yeah, I had this happening on some of my milky top black switches when I had GMK caps on it. Swapped to ePBT keycaps instead because I was getting annoyed by it.

north or south facing switches?

Whatever this is

North facing, and yeah, GMK keycaps have been known to rub against north facing switches; especially on R3 (home row).

GMK has pretty close tolerances, so the hump on the back of the switch only really fits when it’s aligned with the back of the keycap. When PCBs face the switch north like so, this causes issues with GMK keycaps unfortunately.

You can see an example with this picture:


North or south refers to the LED cutout in the switch, if it’s at the top it’s north facing, and if it’s at the bottom it’s south facing.

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Been in the hobby long enough that I should have known. Just never paid much attention in the switch orientation conversations. Thanks!

I was talking about normal, south led switches. It’s not the underneath of the cap, it’s the stem where it goes into the housing while depressing. You can actually make a scratch on the GMK cap stem if you push hard enough on the bottom edge. Something has definitely changed either in gateron molds or GMK molds.

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I remember having issues with milky tops 3 years ago, haven’t used milky tops since

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