Gateron Optical and Holy Optical Speedy Gaterons

Please see the following gallery:

In case you are curious about this switch, here are some pics and an explanation of how it works. It’s pretty smooth, I really like it!

The only people I know who are currently selling a keyboard you can use these switches in are these guys:

I have the igk62p which has an oddball layout. I heard a rumor though that Zeal might make a PCB that uses these switches. They don’t require a special case or plate, just a fixed-layout plate and a special PCB. I believe you can put the igk61p PCB sold on the above website into a standard 60% case. They also sell a plate on that website, but it is missing the holes you need to access the screws on the PCB for a standard 60% layout screw mounting. You can always drill them.

Funny thing is while taking these pics someone asked me if Halo stems fit in these housings since they have a longer-than-usual stem. They do fit, and they do work! I transplanted a Razer Green (Greetech) leaf in to add tactility and viola… A switch that feels like a Holy Panda but with a shorter throw and optical. Crazy… Talk about a niche meme switch! You can buy Gateron optical blue or brown switches that already have the leaf, if you wanted to make such a crazy meme switch.


Walker you and your crazy witchcraft will never cease to amaze me!

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Waiting patiently on mine!

For science!!

Gotta love the work you do and those bases will be in the post ASAP :slight_smile:

All hail @Walkerstop, our friendly neighborhood switch wizard! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously though awesome info you’ve been bringing us here!

A little late :)…but do MX stems and springs match really ?

Well, that’s neat! I didn’t realize these were so similar even with their differences.

I’m guessing a Cream stem would work in these as well - and now I’m curious how (or if) the optical stems would work in various other switches.

Another cool thing about optical switches is that the transparent plastic (that sits over where the SMD LEDS shine through) is domed, which has a “magnifying” effect on the LED light. The result is kind of hard to explain, but it’s like a more “spread out” diffused shine that fills up translucent legends more evenly.

I keep finding new material to read on everyday here… :grin: