Gateron Silent Ink Switches Typing Test



As a switch modder, I really like these. The housings will need lube to be completely silent (there is some dry noise right now as they are stock / unlubed) but feeling wise, they feel nice and smooth.

Another cool thing about these is that they have a longer spring than most Cherry MX clone switches, meaning they have more preload and a flatter force line. Kind of similar to what people love about Gateron Yellows, the force does not differ as much between the top and the bottom of the keypress as with most switches. It makes for a nice typing feel for linear switches especially.


Quick question, are these identical materials-wise to silent blacks? Or are they totally different.


Quite different, the housings are smoother and partially transparent, and the silencing pads are better than normal gateron silent pads


I wonder once they are lubed if they will feel any smoother than a lubed gateron (the housing in particular since I’m not big on silent switches).
If it’s not by much it would be hard for me me to pay the premium for these though a heavier gat yellow does sound appealing.


Also, it just dawned on me how similar in appearance and weight the ink spring is to the aliaz 70g spring. Are they the same length and perhaps the same spring?


I’m starting to wonder if these are really just linear Aliaz.


I see, thanks!


Has anyone found Gateron Silent Inks to be scratchier than normal inks stock? I find the silents still lube up really well, but stock I have not been as impressed with them as with stock regular Inks in terms of smoothness


The spring in the Aliaz has a black matte finish that isn’t smooth whereas the ink spring is smooth and shiny black. The Aliaz springs are also even longer than ink springs and the coils farther apart. I’ll have to snap a pic.


The Aliaz have smoother housings but the springs aren’t as smooth.


I’d like to see someone do a head-to-head of all the silent linear MX switches currently on the market! If these Silent Ink switches are as nice as they look, I might get some and desolder some of my boards and slap em in.


I highly enjoyed the ‘snap’. :ok_hand: